Now this we cannot wait for. Two time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz has just signed on the dotted line to team up with Hollywood stalwart (and fellow two time Oscar winner) Robert De Niro for crime drama The Candy Store.

Also joining the lads is Zero Dark Thirty actor and relative newcomer Jason Clarke while Traffic's Stephen Gaghan will preside at the helm.

As per Deadline, The Candy Store is the kind of movie that interweaves several storylines together (though not in the Love Actually kind of way, we suspect) all set against the dynamic criminal underworld lurking under Brooklyn's sunny Brighton Beach.

Clarke stars as some former undercover operative who becomes privy to the fact that the organization he was so dedicated to fighting is now actually functioning out of his back garden. He then partners up with a disgraced local policeman played of course by De Niro. Working together, their investigation drives them towards an international sex trade entrepreneur (Omar Sy), a Cold War consigliere living under the guise of an ordinary yank (yep, you guessed it, that one's Christoph Waltz), and some hot damsel in distress thrown in for good measure.

Sound interesting? We think so. And if we were to jump way ahead of ourselves, with a cast like this we can already hear the faint chiming of Oscar bells.