It's a paragon of '90s action excess, but dammit if Bad Boys isn't one of the most entertaining films Will Smith has ever starred in.

We'd rate it up there with the likes of Men In Black and the more recent Focus as some of his best works, in fact. Anyway, because a film can't sit for more than five years without a sequel or a reboot, it's fallen to Joe Carnahan to write and possibly direct Bad Boys 3 and 4.

Carnahan directed last year's criminally underviewed Stretch with Patrick Wilson and Chris Pine. That film was, sadly, pulled from Universal's slate after they clocked that the film was two hours of Chris Pine on drugs and Patrick Wilson cursing loudly at LA traffic. It's an incredible film and we highly recommend you watch it as soon as humanly possible.

He also directed staff favourite The Grey and was involved with the pilot episode of James Spader's TV vehicle, The Blacklist.

Production is expected to begin shortly as Bad Boys 3 is slated for February 2017 whilst the fourth one is expected in July 2019.

Plot-wise, who cares? It's Bad Boys so we're expecting Mike Lowry at his best and also Martin Lawrence in there as well. Over to you - excirah' about a Bad Boys sequel? Let us know in the comments!