With Brad Pitt being among the Best Supporting Actor nominations for this year's Oscars, it's looking good for the actor to take home the gong.

Brad Pitt got the nod for his role in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'.

But for a while, it was looking like he could get a Best Lead Actor nomination for sci fi epic 'Ad Astra' too.

Alas, it wasn't to be, with 'Ad Astra' receiving only one recognition - for sound mixing - when the 2020 Oscar nominations were announced yesterday.

Still someone has made a discovery about the movie that has made us look at it in a whole new light.

Tweeter Andrew Hunt noted: "Did no one realize that BRAD PITT just played a ROCKET SCIENTIST, who had a CAR?! THOSE ARE THE THREE THINGS THAT DON'T IMPRESS SHANIA TWAIN MUCH!!!"

Mind. Blown.

Better yet Shania Twain re-shared the tweet with a laughing face. Because it is genius.