Taylor Kitsch has not had a good summer. As a matter of fact he's had an awful one. Both Battleship and John Carter bellyflopped at the box-office, and the Friday Night Lights actor headlined both. But that could all change with the Oliver Stone helmed Savages, which is getting cracking reviews. Kitsch in the meantime has sworn off blockbusters.

"Both those films taught me an immense amount of patience, and I think I really brought that over to Savages," Kitsch told Collider, "I really loved being on this set with these actors, and being a part of it." He hastily added, "Not that I didn't with the others, but just to make it as raw as this film is and to get back to what it is, going off another actors and really searching, creating and collaborating in that way is really refreshing, and I'll stay on that track." "There will be no more green screen for awhile," Kitsch concluded.

No shit, Taylor.