If you've never watched or heard about The Human Centipede, allow us to illuminate you on the subject.

The first film was about an insane doctor who drugged three backpackers and then sew their faces to one another's anus - like a centipede. The director, Tom Six, came upon the idea when his father-in-law, a medical doctor, talked about how what kind of cruel and unusual punishment he'd mete out on paedophiles.

The director then began to question him more and more about the subject, as the doctor believed it was medically possible to perform the surgery. The second film, Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, was actually banned in the UK and wasn't screened until a whopping 30 cuts were made to the film. As part of the promotional tour for the film in the US, the distributors actually had ambulances waiting outside theatres and handed out sick-bags to people in case they vomited.

So, where's the best place to NOT show this? That's right - in a classroom with teenagers! Being shown by a teacher!

Students at Jackson Central-Merry High School in Tennessee were shown the controversial horror film by their teacher. The exact reasons as to why the film was shown to them, again BY THEIR TEACHER, is unclear, however one of the students complained to their parents who then brought the matter up with the school authorities.

The teacher in question, who hasn't been named, has since been suspended and an internal investigation has begun to find out who saw the film and precisely why it was shown to students.

Meanwhile, the director of the film, the aforementioned Tom Six, has been voicing his approval of the film's screening at schools because, d'uh, obviously.



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