He WILL be back. Yep, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself has confirmed that Terminator 5 is currently being written and he will be involved with the project.

Speaking during a live webchat with The Sun, Arnie revealed that the sequel to Conan the Barbarian is also in the works and said he's not worried about taking on physically demanding roles again at his age. The Last Stand star says age isn't an issue for him as he's spent his whole life working out and still feels fresh as a daisy when he arrives on set to tackle some serious stunts.

Speaking of stunts, he also revealed that he warned co-star Johnny Knoxville not to pull any on him on set. "I told him that payback would be very painful" Arnie chuckled. The 65-year-old spoke candidly about his career, offering up some pretty honest answers. First things first, he totally regretted turning down Jerry Bruckheimer's script for The Rock. The one with Sean Connery, not Dwayne Johnson. When Bruckheimer first approached him the script was a bit of a mess y'see, so Arnie said "Why don't you get your act together and come back with a good script?". They did get their act together, but they cast Nicholas Cage instead. Oh well, Arnie thought he did a great job with the role so no sour grapes there!

Schwarzenegger also revealed that he heard someone drop his iconic catchphrase in a toilet. Arnie was standing there minding his own business when the sound of, err, bodily functions, broke the silence and a voice thundered, "I'll be back". The former Governor of California said he never expected the line to be such a smash hit.

And finally, he revealed that Triplets, the sequel to Twins, is well on the way. Eddie Murphy will join Arnie and Danny DeVito in the film and Schwarzenegger himself said it's anyone's guess "how those three came from the one sperm". Ooh err. Well, we did say he spoke candidly.

Catch Arnie's big comeback when The Last Stand hits cinemas screens on January 25th.