"Well then if it's colour we need, let's bring the rainbow." Okay, Natalie Portman, you need to work on your catchphrases.

We're officially two weeks away from sitting down to watch the latest MCU theatrical release, and in anticipation of the blockbuster, Tessa Thompson dished out all of the hot gossip from the 'Thor: Love and Thunder' set to Sean Hayes (and his husband) and she even brought an exclusive clip along with her too.

Tessa plays newly-crowned King Valkyrie in the upcoming film, joining Chris Hemsworth's Thor in taking down the newest baddie on the scene, Gorr: The God Butcher (played by Christian Bale). Natalie Portman also re-joins the franchise, as well as Taika Waititi as fan-favourite Korg.

Hayes is covering for Jimmy Kimmel while he's away on holiday, and admitting that he's not a huge Marvel fan, he got his husband Scott Icenogle to ask Tessa some potential spoiler-y questions. And this is moments before she had said that she's "really bad" with spoilers.

And so, Scott - dressed in a Thor get-up and a real hammer - asks some potential spoiler-filled questions, which sees Tessa squirm in her seat; but she's such a pro that she's able to laugh her way through the interrogation.

The charming star also told Sean that she and her co-stars all worked out together while filming. She revealed that Natalie Portman (who returns as Mighty Thor) got "so buff" for the film, and that camera trickery and physical props were used to make her look 6 ft. 3 in during the film. The 'Black Swan' star is actually 5 ft. 2 in in real life.

The host and his guest also shared a funny "deck" joke, which sounds slightly different when pronounced in an Australian or New Zealand accent.

It's quite a big summer for Thompson, as not only is she a main cast member in the latest 'Thor' release, but she also stars in 'Westworld' season four, which begins on HBO/Sky Atlantic next week.

Here's the full interview with Tessa Thompson. The exclusive 'Thor: Love and Thunder' clip begins around the eight-minute mark, featuring a very cheesy Natalie Portman/Mighty Thor quip.

'Thor: Love and Thunder' bounds into theatres on July 7.