While 2016 has seen some interesting and invigorating films, it's seen a lot of crap too.

There's been some bitter disappointments (looking at you, X-Men: Apocalypse and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) and some outright viciously bad films.

We've already covered the best of the year so far, so it's high time we examined the worst.

Prepare yourself.



It's hard to put into words just how beige, boring and unoriginal How To Be Single is. It's like mayonnaise and white bread with a cup of grey, milky tea on a dingy afternoon in the middle of November. It's all greyish and awful and you're pining for a time when there was something more colourful and interesting in your life. That's How To Be Single in a nutshell. Also, Rebel Wilson has gone from being mildly funny to aggressively unfunny.



It's good to know the young-adult novels are finally petering out and we won't have to sit through hobbled messes like this. Shailene Woodley really can't act her way out of a bad script, it has to be said. What's more frightening about Allegiant, however, is that reasonably decent actors - Naomi Watts and Miles Teller - are mixed up in this crap. What happened? Did they sign a franchise deal and forget to tick the box that says they can bail out if the whole thing is going south? Never has there been a film like Allegiant where everyone - EVERYONE - on screen is clearly working out the terms of their contract with as little effort as possible.



Kevin Hart, please stop being in everything. Signed, everyone.



The first film, Olympus Has Fallen, was a ridiculous throwback to Cannon Group schlockbusters with a stupid title and an even more stupid plot. North Koreans somehow manage to take control of the White House and it's up to Gerard Butler and his veiny arms to do something about it. London Has Fallen, however, took the goodwill we showed its predecessor and turned into something violently shit. The opening sequence features a drone strike, complete with triumphant music. Yes, you're supposed to cheer on a drone strike. Also, Aaron Eckhart needs to fire his agent right now. That's two years on the hop he's been in a film that's made it onto our shit list.



Kevin Costner enters Ryan Reynolds. Nowhere near as fun as it sounds. Stupid, stupid, stupid Euro-thriller about implanting memories into other people that had Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones mixed up in it somewhere. Honestly, who gives these people money to make this crap? And who signs off on these scripts? And why is Tommy Lee Jones doing this shit now? So many questions.



Jennifer Aniston, a host of B-list actors and Jack Whitehall star in Garry Marshall's latest atrocity. The worst part is that it wasn't even released on Mother's Day here. Come on, like.



The Darkness wasn't just deeply unscary, it was boring. That's probably the worst crime you can accuse a horror of - being boring. The Darkness also starred Kevin Bacon, Paul Reiser and Radha Mitchell. Is Kevin Bacon in some kind of financial trouble? Paul Reiser, what about him? Look, we're aware of the fickle nature of Hollywood and there are some things you can't do turn down when you've got bills to pay. Lord knows, we can understand that. But what is your credibility worth? Is it worth starring in The Darkness, Kevin Bacon? You were in Footloose, man. We trusted you.



Top Cat is so painfully, aggressively unfunny that there are moments in this film that you'd be forgiven for thinking that the film was written by someone without a basic command of the English language. It's that bad. It's like Google Translate came up with the jokes; you get the gist of it, essentially, but it doesn't really look or sound right. Not only that, Top Cat Begins is an origin story. Top Cat needed an origin story, apparently. We, as a species, needed to know where Top Cat began.



Instead of referencing or discussing Gods of Egypt again in a meaningful way, we're going to put the music video for Michael Jackson's Remember The Time underneath here and let it play. Don't ask about Gods of Egypt. Just don't. Less said, the better.



Robert De Niro is going to die some day. That's a sad fact of life and, when he dies, we will mourn him and his greatest works. However, Robert De Niro will also have to answer for Dirty Grandpa. If there is a God, He will not be merciful. Dirty Grandpa deserves the same fate as those Atari cartridges of ET. It needs to be taken out to a remote part of New Mexico, buried under piles of rubbish and dirt and left to sit there for about thirty years.