There's definitely an audience for the movie, but will they be excited for it after its underwhelming predecessor?

Look, we love a Disney film. But the endless live-action productions has us feeling a little blasé. The thoughts of seeing one of your favourite animated characters be brought to life on screen stir up both excited anticipation and also fear of how the character is going to turn out. Hence, we're yet again apprehensive about 'The Lion King' prequel movie that is already in production.

But, maybe it will prove us wrong? The recently announced cast list is certainly a step in the right direction. Set years before the original, it will closely follow two brothers, Mufasa and his younger brother Taka, and will most likely see the latter turn into the Disney villain we all love to hate, Scar.

Break-out English actor Aaron Pierre from Amazon Prime's 'The Underground Railroad' and M. Night Shyamalan's 'Old' will voice Mufasa, while 'The Trial of the Chicago 7' star Kelvin Harrison Jr. will play Taka. The additional cast will likely include some more big names, but all is under wraps for the moment.

Jon Favreau will not be returning to helm 'The Lion King' prequel movie, however. Instead, Disney has enlisted the Oscar-winning director of 'Moonlight', Barry Jenkins, to take control of the project, which will once again use the photorealistic animation technology from the 2019 film.

Although the 2019 release went on to perform amazingly at the box office (currently the seventh-highest grossing movie of all time), critical reception was less vibrant. The movie currently stands with an approval rating of 52% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Both Hans Zimmer and Pharrell are once again on board for the movie's score, and they will be joined by 'Succession's Nicholas Britell. There's been no word yet if Elton John or Beyonce will return for the soundtrack.