So the new ‘King of Thieves’ trailer is here, and sees Michael Caine lead a group of OAPs on a heist. And if you’re thinking that that sounds familiar, there’s a reason for it – it was the exact same storyline for last year’s ‘Going In Style.’

In place of Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin, Jim Broadbent and Tom Courtenay play Caine’s allies in the film. Other cast members include Charlie Cox, Michael Gambon and Ray Winstone.

The film sees “a crew of retired crooks pull off a major heist in London's jewellery district” and is based on the infamous Hatton Garden diamond robbery.

‘King of Thieves’ is directed by James Marsh, was helmed the Stephen Hawking biopic ‘The Theory of Everything’, Colin Firth starrer ‘The Mercy’ and the 2008 documentary ‘Man on Wire’.

It is scheduled to hit UK cinemas on September 14th so expect a release date in Irish cinemas around the same time. 

If you’re a lover of heist movies, ‘Ocean’s 8’ is playing in cinemas now.