If that headline makes you a little twisted or confused, don't worry because the article itself is even more stranger.

Shia LaBeouf - under a pseudonym - co-wrote a screenplay based on his life with his ex-clown performer and recovering heroin addict father that was later added to the prestigious Black List, and is now being turned into a film.

The film, titled Honey Boy (a nickname his father gave to LaBeouf), will follow a "child actor and his law-breaking, alcohol-abusing father attempt to mend their contentious relationship over the course of a decade," and the role of the father is being played by LaBeouf.

Meanwhile, playing LaBeouf's younger self is Lady Bird and Three Billboards star Lucas Hedges. LaBeouf first came to popular attention when he starred in the Disney Channel sitcom Even Stevens, before Steven Spielberg took him under his wing and had him star in Transformers which turned him briefly into one of the most recognisable actors on the planet.

It's pretty heavy stuff, playing your own father and going through all the terrible things that likely took place all for the sake of a film, but LaBeouf's never been one to do anything remotely normal - and who knows, it may actually be incredible.

No release date has been set for Honey Boy.