It really does go to show just how varied a career Sigourney Weaver's had, just by looking at the lineup for Lighthouse Cinema's latest mini-festival.

Sigourney Fever - what a name - is a series of film screenings that'll run from April 26th up to May 12th in Dublin's Lighthouse Cinema, all to honour one of the most recognisable actresses of our time.

The lineup includes such varied choices as Gorillas In The Mist, Working Girl, and our personal favourite, Galaxy Quest. You've also got Ghostbusters I and II, and Alien and Aliens in there as well.

Here's the full line-up in question, with tickets on sale now from

April 26th - Alien / Aliens

May 3rd - Gorillas In The Mist

May 5th - Galaxy Quest

May 6th - Working Girl

May 10th - The Ice Storm

May 12th - Ghostbusters / Ghostbusters II