Tim Burton has reportedly signed up to direct Beetlejuice 2. Rumours have been circling for quite some time, especially as Michael Keaton apparently expressed huge interest in reprising the titular role (but in fairness, he would probably reprise the role of Jack Frost at this stage.)

The studio seem to be a-go on the project since a script has already been written by Seth Grahame-Smith who also wrote the original Beetlejuice. This is promising news as Burton previously suggested that he would be on board if the script was right. Also, numerous sources have allegedly told The Wrap that the Frankenweenie director has been in talks with the studio about directing the second installment.

No word at all has been said about whether Beetlejuice co-stars Winona Ryder (Lydia), Geena Davis (Barbara) and Alec Baldwin (Adam) will be involved.

It's hard to believe that there are some people out there who may never have seen the classic 1988 movie, but now that it's in the public sphere again and at this time of year, new Beetlejuice fans are sure to start stealing all of our Halloween costume ideas. There goes my voodoo-head soldier out the window.

Take a look a the trailer for Beetlejuice and let us know below whether or not you are excited for a sequel.