Looks as though Armie Hammer will have to find himself a new partner in, err, crime fighting: Tom Cruise has just pulled out of Guy Ritchie's adaptation of the cult TV show.

As per Deadline, Tom has a host of other commitments that take priority, not least the recently announced Mission: Impossible 5, which he will produce and take the leading role in. That means Armie is now the sole secret agent left standing. Wah.

The studio will have to get the ball rolling on the hunt for a replacement, as the film is due to start shooting this year. It's going to be tough to replace one of Hollywood's most iconic leading males, and finding anyone with similar star power will be a challenge in itself. We can't even begin to think of an actor who could tackle Tom's role with the same, err, panache?

Here's hoping they find a new buddy for poor old Armie soon though. Otherwise he'll be a bit of a Lone Ranger, wha? *ba dum chhhh*