The next 'Mission: Impossible' has resumed filming and has just today completed its filming in scenic Norway.

What was involved in the shoot, you ask? Well, from what we've been able to decipher from Christopher McQuarrie's Instagram account, it's looking like there's a train fight involved. No doubt fans of the franchise will recall how the opening movie featured The Cruiser and Jon Voight fighting on the side of the TGV as it went through the Channel Tunnel.

This time around, Cruise is beating the crap out of some poor man on top of a moving train as it barrels its way through Scandanavian mountains. Not only that, they're actually shooting it on top of a moving train, as evidenced by this footage posted on Twitter.

That's right, Tom Cruise, hanging out on top of a moving train with cameramen, the director, and stunt performers. All like it's a completely normal commute to work.

The as-yet untitled 'Mission: Impossible 7' is scheduled for November 19th, 2021, but let's face it - the way things are at the minute, who knows? All we know is Tom Cruise looks very calm on top of that train. Maybe that's a source of comfort? Know that he's happy out on that thing as it barrels along at high speed, all while he waves calmly at people passing by?

Take the comforts where you can find them, people.