You're going to need as much help as possible to answer all of these questions within the time limit.

Arguably one of the greatest franchises ever made, and one of our favourite animated ones at least, 'Toy Story' has made us all laugh, cry, and bask in the glory that is the Pixar creation for three separate decades. And we thought a 'Toy Story' quiz was well overdue.

So in honour of Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky, Etch A Sketch, Hamm, Bo Peep and all of the other incredible characters of the series, we hope you've watched all four movies enough times, and kept up with the series' fandom, to recall the answers to these questions.

As always, let us know how well you do in the comments. You won't have time to cheat your way through this 'Toy Story' quiz however, as you only have 60 seconds to answer 12 questions. Channel your inner Rex, and blast through those questions in record time.

So long, partner.