Want to know what your favourite actor is up to? Check out the latest casting roundup:

Jessica Chastain
is making a name for herself as a political actress with news that she has reportedly signed up for the upcoming film adaptation of The Zookeeper's Wife. The ever polished Hollywood actress starred in the controversial blockbuster Zero Dark Thirty just last year.

The Zookeeper's Wife follows the story of two Warsaw zookeepers who risked their lives to smuggle Jewish refugees out of Nazi-occupied Poland. So not only is Chastain beautiful and talented, she's also got a humanitarian streak. Le sigh, we want to be her.

In other film news, the even more fantabulous Jon Hamm has been cast in Despicable me Spin off Minions alongside Sandra Bullock. This is proof there is no justice in the world, as Bullock favors grimy Hell's Angels lookalikes and will therefore never appreciate the Hamm as much as we would.

If all this isn't enough to get cinema-goers twitching with anticipation, Emma Stone and Colin Firth have been officially confirmed for the casting of Woody Allen's latest pic. The as yet untitled Allen film will be set once again in France, following the not so distant success of Midnight In Paris. What we really want to know is when will a film be made with the beauty of Hamm, the French scenery and Chastain's acting props?