Anyone remember how funny Scary Movie was when it first came out? Good times.

We all loved how it didn't just rip on Scream, it also went after Blair Witch Project, Hallowe'en and basically every horror movie of the past thirty years. Of course, it's aged horribly and acts more as a time capsule.

Anyway, the Wayans have still been cranking out pretty poor parody films in the meantime, Scary Movie finished up with five films and grossed - wait for it - $896,555,030 across five films.

Yeah. Needless to say, the Wayans still have a firm grip on what people like and what critics hate. So, with that in mind, they're now taking on Fifty Shades of Grey and we couldn't be happier.

Take a look.

See, the problem is that Fifty Shades of Grey was pretty much a parody ALREADY so this is just going to be a shot-for-shot remake.

We're also loving the fact that they included Kim Kardashian's PAPER shoot. There doesn't appear to be an Irish release date set for Fifty Shades of Black, but dammit, we're going to see this whenever we can.

That's commitment, folks. Commitment.