Also featuring Adam from HBO's Girls, pretty much playing the same character as he does in that show and every other role he's in.

At least it's nice to see Radcliffe pulling further and further away from the Harry Potter territory, even if Emma Watson beat him to the punch with The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and The Bling Ring. What If sees Potter Radcliffe playing a character, Wallace, that doesn't seem too far removed from himself or at least the one we know from interviews, except non-internationally famous.

Wallace is a medical student who, having been burned by bad relationships, puts love on hold and then meets kooky animator Chantry who would, thanks to their amazing chemistry, appear to be the love of his live except for the fact that she lives with her longterm boyfriend. And so the titular 'What If' is asking what if your one true love is actually your best friend, and we can already see where this is going.

The film received favourable reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival when it was titled 'The F Word', so there's still hope this will be more than just a typical boy meets girl cinema  romp. We'll find out when What If is released on August 22nd.