Get used to the name Denis Villeneueve, because he's going to be directing some of your favourite films over the next few years.

Last year's Sicario was, undoubtedly, one of the many highlights of the year and the previous year's Prisoners was one of the most effective horror / crime thrillers we've seen since David Fincher's Se7en. Now, he's moving into large-scale sci-fi and it looks like he hasn't lost a bit of his talent or abilities - going by this hugely effective teaser for Arrival, previously titled Story Of Your Life.

Amy Adams plays a language expert who's drafted in by the military to help make first contact with aliens who've landed on Earth. As the trailer shows, it's not entirely sure if the aliens mean us harm and what exactly is involved, but it does look incredible.

Take a look.

The original novella the story is based upon is pretty damn complex, to say the least. However, if anybody's going to be able to tackle it, it's Denis Villeneuve. He's already working on the sequel to Blade Runner and the early word is extremely positive on that front.

Not only that, Villeneuve has an extremely good track record with taking on weighty themes and turning them into exceptional films. Given its November 11th release date, it looks like we could be seeing this in the running for an Oscar.

We'll know more when the full trailer arrives - heh - next Tuesday.