The story of Lance Armstrong's spectacular fall from grace has been ripe for a feature-length film for quite some time.

Stephen Frears, who previously directed The Queen, Philomena and My Beautiful Laundrette, has cast our own Chris O'Dowd as Sunday Times journo David Walsh who was brought under the influence of Armstrong's charisma. But, as we all know, the veneer quickly became stripped away when viewed up close. Ben Foster, who plays Armstrong, really is honing in on that twitchy, paranoia-driven aggression that he displayed in interviews and his dealings with the press..

There's a pretty incredible cast - Lee Pace, Dustin Hoffman, Jesse Plemons - and a screenplay by veteran scribe John Hodge, who's currently working on a sequel to his Trainspotting adaptation.

Everything we're seeing so far is incredibly positive, with Frears really capturing just how deep and desperate Lance Armstrong was. The Program, to us, looks like All The President's Men for the world of sports journalism.

It's released in Irish cinemas on October 16th.