One of the great things about Pixar is that, even though they're animated films, they still feel incredibly real and familiar.

While a lot of that is down to its great storytelling, there's also something else - the huge amount of films they reference. This video, put together by Jorge Luengo Ruiz, shows just how varied Pixar's influences can be and their deep respect for films in general.

There's a few obvious ones, like Emperor Zurg revealing himself as Buzz Lightyear's father in Toy Story 2 or the pigeons from Finding Nemo as a send-up of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

However, there's way more obscure ones, like Up referencing French arthouse film The Red Balloon or nodding towards Spanish psychological horror The Orphanage (really) in Toy Story 3.

Take a look.


Via Vimeo