We're not kidding when we say our favourite era of film was the 1980's. Specifically, the collected works of John Hughes and anything that had a soundtrack featuring Kenny Loggins or Huey Lewis & The News.

Sure, the 1970's was known for conspiracy thrillers and great crime dramas, but the 1980's had young James Spader, Molly Ringwald and Robert Downey Jr. before he went off the rails.

We think that tops Robert Redford looking forlornly at files and Warren Beatty's ginormic hair in The Parallax View.

What better way to celebrate the decade that style forgot, but then brought back because retro is in, than enjoying this mash-up of some of the best films of the era?

We counted Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Back To The Future, Dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club and Footloose. We probably missed loads because we had our fist in the air in a freeze frame.


Via YouTube