While it remains a cult classic to this day, when Swingers was made the core cast were all in a desperate place. Writer, Producer, and Actor Jon Favreau got so pissed off with a lack of opportunities in Hollywood that he did the most productive thing he could think of - write his own script for him and his mates to star in. He also turned down offers for the script from producers who wanted to make it without him and his guys, but instead with Jason Priestly. True story.

Swingers is now 20 years old (!) and in 1996 became a catalyst for its cast and director, most of whom went on to far bigger things. But it's arguably one of the most rewatchable independent films ever made.

Jon Favreau

Favreau got a small acting bump off of his work on Swingers, turning to filmmaking a few years later with his directorial debut, Made, starring real-life pal Vince Vaughn. It was the beginning of an incredibly successful career as a director, with Elf, Iron Man, Chef and (the soon to be released) Jungle Book all on his CV amongst others. He's also popped up as an actor in Friends, Couples Retreat, The Break-Up and a couple of his own films - Chef and Iron Man. Favreau can take a huge amount of credit for the resurgence of the career of Robert Downey Jr and Marvel as a cinematic force - setting the tone for the incredibly popular slate of films that have shaped blockbuster cinema with first of the bunch, Iron Man.

Ron Livingston

The handsome Livingston managed to feature in another cult classic after his role as Mikey's pal from back east, Rob, when he starred opposite Jennifer Aniston in Mike Judge's much loved Office Space. Despite that, to many he's remembered as the guy most like Carrie that she ever dated in Sex and the City, Burger. He probably still gets people shouting BASTARD at him on the street for breaking up with her on a post-it. He last popped up in 5th Wave and comedy sequel, Vacation and was downright great in Boardwalk Empire.

Patrick Van Horn

The agro member of the group, Sue "his Dad was a big Johnny Cash fan", Van Horn hasn't pursued acting hugely since Swingers. Popping up in just Three to Tango (heavily influenced by Swingers) and Four Christmases with Favreau and Vaughn. We couldn't find any other info about Patrick, so he's obviously moved away from the glare of Hollywood. Wherever you are, you're f**king money, Sue... so f**king money.

Pic via TMZ

Doug Liman

Doug Liman got to direct Swingers (when Favreau was originally going to) because he'd made a short film before and was willing to put up the money. Shooting completely gorilla style, the fact that the incredibly low budget flick ($235k) has a style at all is a testament to his strong work. He followed it up with the extremely underrated 'Go' and then one of the most seminal action films ever made - The Bourne Identity. His last film was the excellent Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and he's working with the megastar again in Luna Park. A talented and innovative helmer he has more great films in him.

Vince Vaughn

Vaughn's effortlessly charismatic turn as Trent saw his career get the most immediate bump when Swingers went down a storm. He was cast in Jurassic Park 2 when Steven Spielberg viewed a scene from the film to OK the use of the Jaws theme. He attempted more serious character work for the next few years, but then gravitated towards comedy (and superstardom) with Old School, Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball and The Break Up. He most recently starred in season 2 of True Detective and will next be seen in the crime flick Term Life; he also has Mel Gibson's first film as a director since Apocalypto, Hacksaw Ridge in the can.