Will Smith's just dropping all sorts of news lately, isn't he?

It's not enough that he talked up Jared Leto's supposedly incredible transformation for Suicide Squad, he's now said that Bad Boys 3 is "very, very, very, very strong possibility you'll be seeing a Bad Boys in the next twelve to sixteen months."

Speaking to Zane Lowe for his Beats 1 radio-but-not-really-radio show, Smith made the announcement on foot of recent rumours that's it happening. Martin Lawrence sort-of made the announcement about a year ago on Conan, but the story went quiet until it cropped up again when it was intimated that Joe Carnahan was working on not one, but two sequels to the Bad Boy series.

So, thoughts? Look, Bad Boys is a guilty pleasure and we all loved it for the ridiculousness of it all. Will Smith was, at the time, flying high and was on-par with the likes of Tom Cruise for box-office takings. Evidently, Smith is eager to get back in the game and has begun to plunder his back catalogue.

After the so-so Men In Black 3, he's obviously looking at trying out a few of his older films to get them going. As we know, he passed on Independence Day 2 - which is a crying shame, in fairness - but he's obviously got plans to reinvigorate Bad Boys for a new generation.

The question is, though, will there be a camera circling him when he takes phone calls?


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