Chikara - The Sumo Wrestler's Son

2013 Action/Adventure | Documentary

'Chikara - the Sumo wrestler's son' follows the 10-year-old Japanese boy, Chikara, and his struggle to become a Sumo wrestler. His father was a professional Sumo wrestler, so expectations surrounding Chikara are extremely high. Today his father owns a noodle-shop where he works a lot. Their only time together is when they train Sumo wrestling. It's a very valuable time for Chikara. He wants to impress his father, but when he's there, Chikara gets nervous and everything seems to go wrong. The national Sumo Championship is approaching and Chikara wants to do well. It's a story of a small boy in a tough sport, parental pressure and expectations, but above all, it's a universal narrative about the relationship between father and son.