2006 Drama | Suspense/Thriller

An Argentine music student realizes that an unfinished composition by a tormented composer is actually a gateway to madness after callously passing off the intriguing piece of work as his own. Eliseo and his sister came from a wealthy Chilean family. It seemed that both children had bright futures in the world of music - Eliseo as a composer and his sister as a pianist - but then tragedy struck. Eliseo's sister was raped and murdered, a crime that has haunted Eliseo well into his adult life. When Eliseo's lover too suffers a tragic death, the composer is driven to insanity and committed to an asylum. As the years pass by, the haunted composer attempts to pen his magnum opus on the walls of his lonely hospital room. Meanwhile, in the outside world, struggling Argentine music student Ricardo discovers the fragments of Eliseo's lost symphony and slyly passes off the masterful composition as his own. But the ruse can only go on for so long, and in time Ricardo realizes that his only hope of making amends for his transgression is to track down Eliseo and find out what became of the composer. As a result, Ricardo finds himself gradually drawn into a compelling world of mystery and madness.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide