1981 Drama

A young Catholic girl takes viewers through a changing Spanish political and social landscape as she develops from her confirmation day to adulthood. Her first experience with the real Spain comes when her Jewish godfathers cannot come to her confirmation. One of the godfathers, using a ring, poses an early challenge to her innocence that puts her in danger. He later returns, indirectly introducing her to a new boyfriend. If he is one of the symbols for Jewish life under Franco, or for a Judeo-Christian interaction, that interaction is complex. The young woman encounters different lovers as she grows into adulthood, but at the same time she is burdened with financially supporting her father and his own rather decadent lifestyle. Again, this difference in generations could be understood as a difference between the new and old Spain; it is up to the viewers to interpret the story elements as they decide. Darker sides of life and new layers of meaning are explored as the young woman and her boyfriend steal from a priest, and the story of rapist Caryl Chessman's execution in San Quentin, California is woven into the plot line.~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide