Mussolini-Hitler: The Killer's Opera

2012 Documentary

Hitler and Mussolini were able to assist each other in achieving their respective designs. But when the conflict came to a head, the realities of war soon tore the mask off of their united front. Two nations with totally different cultures had sworn allegiance to each other, but their divergences would soon make themselves abundantly clear. The idea of the film is to examine Italy and Germany's false alliance, particularly from the point of view of Mussolini, the less powerful of the two despots, and therefore the more inclined to believing in castles in the air. Their relationship is film-worthy in and of itself, but in addition, it tells the history of World War II, seen from the "enemy's" point of view. It will lead us to address certain aspects of the conflict that are less well-known, but no less rich in what they have to teach us.