One Fine Day

2006 Comedy

French director Philippe Le Guay's comedy One Fine Day observes the behavior that may erupt when fate deals a new set of cards to a perpetual loser. Seemingly for years on end, French banker François Berthier (Benoit Pooleverde) has endured a lackluster, burdensome existence, with no perceivable light at the end of the tunnel. Each day carries a new set of hidden frustrations for him. On one particularly dour Monday, Murphy's Law is in full force: the espresso machine explodes, showering François with coffee; he endures a jam-packed, claustrophobic train ride to work; his boss terrorizes him relentlessly; his soon to be ex-wife Caroline (Anne Consigny) indicates that she's almost done with their divorce papers; François bombs at tennis. But just as circumstances seem incapable of growing worse, Fortuna spins upward once again and, mystically, turns everything around on Tuesday: François wakes up to a perfect cup of coffee, receives a much-sought-after apology from his boss, meets a beautiful young woman in a cafeteria who flirts with him, and even draws renewed interest from Caroline. At a loss to account for this change of fate, François nonetheless revels in it, and - bolstered by a renewed sense of confidence - tries to see how far he can push his success - with the most riotous and unpredictable of consequences.~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide