It's become tradition now for Billie Eilish to be interviewed at this time of year by Vanity Fair.

The publication did their first 'end of year' interview with the pop superstar when she was just 15 - and now, at 20, it's certainly interesting to see how she has grown and how her opinions have changed over the years.

One major talking point in this year's interview - her 6th overall - is her new relationship with Jesse Rutherford. The pair's relationship has raised eyebrows due to their 11-year age gap, although they have themselves poked fun at it - with Eilish dressing up as a baby and Rutherford as an old man for Halloween last month.

In the interview, Eilish insisted that she was "in control" and went into detail on their relationship for the first time, saying "I just am really inspired by this person, and, you know, he’s inspired by me. It’s really cool, and I’m really excited and I’m really happy about it."

She added: "I managed to get my way to a point in my life where I not only was known by a person that I thought was the hottest fucking fucker alive, but pulled his ass! Are you kidding me? Can we just [get a] round of applause for me? I pulled his ass! All me! I did that shit! I locked that motherfucker down!"

Watch the full interview below: