Test your Irish number one songs knowledge with our quiz below.

The Irish number one's chart is a very mixed bag. Take 1989 for example, which was a year of top-selling singles staying longer than three weeks at number one, and a serious year for music fans. This meant that 1989 saw no less than 31 different number ones, which is a stark contract to what happened very recently, in 2017.

That year was well and truly the year of Ed Sheeran. The singer dominated the chart with just three singles from his album 'Divide' claiming the top spot for 20 weeks. Not only that, but after the album's release, the entire Top 16 of the Irish Singles Chart were singles from the album. Only six other artists claimed a number one that year.

In honour of the many past, and some more recent, number one songs in Irish chart history, we've made a short quiz for you to test your knowledge with.

As always, no Googling, and let us know how good your guesswork is by commenting with your scores.