The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has confirmed that he and guitarist Pete Townhend will reunite for a brand new album to celebrate the band's 50th anniversary this year.

In an interview with NME Daltrey said: "Pete's got hundreds of songs, so the only question is whether we get around to it but I know he wants to make an album and I'm always ready and raring to go. We'll see. I never know what I'm doing next, it's about what comes through my letterbox tomorrow but I don't see why I wouldn't. My voice is still in good shape. The hearing isn't so great, but the voice is fine."

The album would be only the group's 12th and their first since 2006's Endless Wire. Daltrey and Townshend are the two surviving members of the group, following drummer Keith Moon's death in 1978 and bassist John Entwistle's passing in 2002.

Meanwhile, more action on the album front - this time from French aces Phoenix who look set to waste no time whatsoever in releasing an follow-up to last year's Bankrupt!.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the band's singer Thomas Mars stated that: "it's the beginning of something - the base of the pyramid. Right now, it could go anywhere. It's this moment of pure freedom. The possibilities are endless. It's very exciting."

Colour us pretty darn excited for these two records, should they actually see the light of day this year.