The rapper and his wife have denied that they drugged and sexually assaulted multiple women

40-year-old rapper and actor T.I. will not be reprising his role as the character of Dave in the forthcoming Ant-Man movie alongside Paul Rudd, after serious allegations of sexual abuse were made against him and his wife yesterday.

Eleven people have filed criminal inquiries into the rapper - real name Clifford Harris - and his wife Tameka 'Tiny' Harris for abuse including kidnapping, drugging, false imprisonment and sexual assault.

The New York Times reported that the lawyer for the 11 women, Tyrone A. Blackburn, said that they had all come forward with 'eerily similar' stories that took place between 2005 and 2017. Several of the victims gave accounts of their experiences, with one alleging that her drink and her friend's drink were spiked after meeting T.I. and Tiny at a club in 2005. She claims that the couple took her back to their hotel room and raped her while her friend vomited in the bathroom.

Another woman who used to work for the couple - who have been married since 2010 - claims that she witnessed other women being held against their will for several days, and that she herself was forced to take drugs and perform nonconsensual sexual acts with other women.

Both T.I. and Tiny responded to the allegations via their lawyer, calling them "a sordid shakedown campaign that began on social media and now attempts to manipulate the press and misuse the justice system."

Nevertheless, T.I. will not be returning in 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania', which is still in development at the moment. It's not clear whether the character was written out after the first allegation against the couple was made in January, or whether it is related to the allegations at all - but either way, 'Dave' will not be returning.

T.I. has previously had multiple clashes with the law for various drugs, weapons and assault charges. His most recent album 'The L.I.B.R.A.' was released last year, while his most recent film appearance was in 2019's 'The Trap'.

If you have been affected by any of the issues mentioned in this story, help is available. Contact Rape Crisis Help here.