It had to happen sometime, given Adele's exhaustive touring schedule over the past year or so.

The Londoner cancelled her second gig in Phoenix, Arizona last night because a cold she's been fighting for the past few days eventually got the better of her.

She said in a video posted on Instagram:

"Hello everyone, specifically everyone in Phoenix and Arizona. I can't do my show tonight, my second show here. I'm really, really sorry. I've had a cold for a couple days, and I've been pushing through it. I did my show last night and I loved it, but I pushed too hard and as you can hear, even if I did the show it wouldn't be very good.

"I'm really, really, really sorry to let anyone down. I've enjoyed my tour so much and cancelling shows isn't something I wanna do. I've pushed through a lot of things but I've been trying to sing all morning and warming up and nothing's really happening.

"I'm so sorry to let you down. I know lots of people have been flying in from all over. It's the last thing I wanna do but I have to look after myself because I've got so many more shows to do. I will reschedule this show, I promise you, and I will come back and I'll smash it for you. I'm really really sorry. Have a wonderful evening without me."

Watch the video below: