It's a long, long, LONG time coming, but 'Beverly Hills Cop 4' is on the horizon and it's going straight to Netflix.

Deadline reports that the streaming giant has landed a lucrative deal with Paramount to take on Eddie Murphy and Jerry Bruckheimer's long-gestating sequel after numerous attempts to get it off the ground in a conventional fashion.

Previously, a TV show had been attempted and failed to gain any traction and seeing as how Murphy's latest movie, 'Dolemite Is My Name', was straight to Netflix and was very well-received, the same could be said for 'Beverly Hills Cop 4'.

Obviously, it's early days yet and no release date has been confirmed, nor is any director or writer attached, but it's clearly something Netflix is keen to capitalise on and has the money to make it happen. Murphy, for his part, has been adamant that it's not going to happen unless the script is up to scratch and that could very well take time.

The franchise began all the way back in 1984, followed by a sequel in 1987 and a threequel in 1994 - each with diminishing returns. In fact, 'Beverly Hills Cop 3' was widely panned on its release and effectively put the kybosh on future movies with the character of Axel Foley.

Seeing as how Murphy seems to have reinvigorated himself with 'Dolemite Is My Name', and is already working on another sequel -  'Coming 2 America' - going back for Foley might just be the right move. After all, who doesn't want to see moments like this on screen again?