We want to know your opinion on what you like best about documentaries.

The growth of Netflix and other on demand services in the last few years have allowed us access to incredible documentaries which we might never have seen before. One of the first big docs to pique our interest in the genre was 'Making a Murderer', which gripped the world back in 2015. Fast-forward five years, and documentary fans have all been glued to a man called Joe Exotic who calls himself 'The Tiger King'. Each documentary tells a different, real-life story that is oftentimes difficult to comprehend.

But that's the joy of tuning into a documentary at the touch of a button - we can get lost in the reality of someone else's incredible story for a few minutes or hours. Most recently, we've seen a number of sports documentaries begin to come out of the woodwork, and Netflix have provided the likes of 'Last Chance U', 'Cheer', and 'Team Foxcatcher' to name a few.

'The Last Dance' is the newest title to be added to Netflix's growing collection of in-depth sports documentaries, and the 10-episode series has become a firm favourite by Irish viewers. The series focuses on the career of NBA superstar Michael Jordan, and his final season with The Chicago Bulls being the particular focus (there's even been a Twitter account created which guesses which head-bopping track Michael was listening to on that bus journey in 1998).

So, to find out if sports documentary fans would be interested in seeing more titles such as this one in the future, we've created a quick survey below.

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