Soooo 'The Boys' are back. And yes, there's a lot of talk on Twitter about that opening episode, especially regarding the first 10 minutes.

Just how did fans react to 'The Boys' season three you ask? Well, they were about as enraptured as that season premiere turned out to be.

Following that 'Dawn of the Seven' cameo appearance from Charlize Theron as Stormfront (who also popped up in another superhero film of late) during the opening scene of the season, viewers were treated to a deliciously disgusting moment where a new Supe annihilated their lover.

Yep, Termite, who has the ability to shrink himself to the size of, well, an insect, jumped inside his lover's penis after snorting a load of cocaine. Not the brightest of ideas, it didn't turn out all that well for anyone involved.

Apart from these two shocks, episode one served as a catching up with Butcher & co, and Homelander & co, one year on from the chaotic events of season two.

Hughie discovered that his colleague Victoria is hiding some pretty destructive superhero powers of her own, while episodes two and three served as a way to give us more backstory on Solider Boy, who could hold the key to taking down Homelander once and for all. Butcher also gives himself superpowers by using V24, while Starlight oversees the new despicable reality show 'American Hero', which results in The Deep getting reinstated back into The Seven as well as her former flame Supersonic.

There was A LOT to unpack. Here's how fans reacted to the first three episodes of 'The Boys' season three.

Just don't.

Give it up for Ms. Theron, the Queen of 2022 cameos.

A-Train could be in for plenty of trouble this season.

Poor Timothy.

Is Solider Boy about to make Homelander look like a little child?

What we were allllllll thinking (and yes, it was us that asked Paul Rudd that theory). Eric Kripke and his team really went there.

Is it bad that we kind of don't want him to be killed? Come on, the series would be nothing without him.

'The Boys' season three continues on Prime Video. The season final will premiere on July 8.