It seems kind of odd that Netflix has a problem with a term that they themselves are responsible, but here we are nonetheless.

Guy Pearce, who stars in the Netflix original series 'The Innocents', was recently interviewed by Empire and discussed the show's popularity. Naturally enough, one question posited to Pearce was whether or not the show could be binged in a single viewing.

Pearce, however, claimed that Netflix "strictly sort of instructed beforehand not to talk about 'binge watching'" when doing promotion for the show, and added that Netlix doesn't like the term. It's hard to understand the thinking here, primarily because Netflix's entire model for original shows - like 'The Innocents' - is built around binging. Each and every original they've put out is available in one go, which just sort of begs to be binged.

It's not as if all streaming services do this, either. Hulu, for example, put out 'The Handmaid's Tale' on a weekly basis like a regularly-scheduled television show and 'Better Call Saul', although it's an AMC series in the US, is put out on Netflix on a weekly basis.

If Netflix want to stop bingeing - which is doubtful - they can put that judgey "Are you still watching?" thing after every episode and that'll sort it out.