Feast your eyes on this, you goddamn fu**ing Spice Girls.

The gag reel for 'The Boys' season three is here and it paints a very whacky picture of the series that we all know and love for being all kinds of sadistic and dripping with shock value.

Karl Urban, Antony Starr, Jack Quaid, Jessie T. Usher and Erin Moriarty are front and centre in the clip, as is season three newcomer Jensen Ackles. Irish star Dominique McElligott also gets a couple of gas shots, including one scene where her Irish accent is hard to cover up ("Maybe we can use it to blow up Homelanderrrrr").

Here are all of the corpsing and gag-worthy mistakes from the cast (and that very well-known video game 'Middle Assage') for you to enjoy.

The end of season three of 'The Boys', which wrapped up on Prime Video this past July, set up quite a shift in terms of how low Homelander (Starr) really can go when it comes to making everybody's life an absolute misery. The public is cool with Homelander killing one of their own right in front of them? Oh lord, it's going to get messier in season four, isn't it?

Before we get the next instalment of the main series, however, we're going to be getting a spin-off. Titled 'Gen V', the college-based superhero series will follow the next generation of heroes that are getting the hang of their superpowered bodies as well as dealing with all of the teen hormones that you'd associate with highly-strung teens and young adults. So, anarchy then. The students will be attending Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, run by Vought International, and will reportedly take part in 'Hunger Games'-style missions and competitions to see who can survive actually being a full-time Supe.

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