'The Last Dance' aired earlier this year, providing much needed solace when we were in proper lockdown.

The sports docuseries aired on ESPN in the US. But lucky for us, 'The Last Dance' wasn't an American exclusive as weekly episodes were subsequently released internationally on Netflix.

Based on the career of Michael Jordan and the reign of the Chicago Bulls, the show wasn't just an education in sports history and throwback to the late '80s to '90s. It also inspired some amusing memes and received high acclaim.

Impressively edited and covering a range of players and great sporting moments, audiences were hooked. It was great entertainment.

For our quizzes of late, we've looked back at some of the great 2020 offerings on Netflix, including 'Tiger King' and 'After Life' season 2.

Now we're asking, how well do you remember 'The Last Dance'?

Post your scores and no cheating. Heck, if you know your basketball or general sports history, you'll probably do well, even without seeing the show.