Season two of the monster-hunting show landed last week but already Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is planning the next move for the series.

Lockdown delayed the release of the much anticipated second season. But on Friday we finally got to see the return of Geralt in a much more linear and straightforward storyline. One of the criticisms for the inaugural season was the confusing timeline.

Talking to Collider, Hissrich stated she "came out of season one knowing very much what people liked and didn't like." Watching the second season, it definitely seems liked she took fan feedback seriously.

Hissrich has previously said that she plans for 'The Witcher' to go the distance with at least seven seasons.

"I love that seven seasons became the thing that we go to because I think also at one point, I said something that I would go for like 20 seasons and I’m glad that no one actually expects me to have 20 seasons. I would be dead by that."

The more you hear from Hissrich and where she sees the show going, the more you can compare with the situation of 'Game of Thrones'. Both are fantasy shows based on book series still being written. Both are very carefully trying to honour the authors while carving out their own paths. It can be a treacherous path. One which Hissrich is very carefully threading.

"I do think that my utmost goal and the reason I started with seven years is because I wanted to stay true to the books. I don’t feel the need for our story to go beyond where the books go. Andrzej Sapkowski, the writer, he had a natural end in mind. Now actually, since we started the show, he has released more books, so we’ll have to see how that fits into it."

Speaking more of future seasons, Hissrich revealed that there is already a plot in mind for season three.

"I’m not in a rush to get through these stories, you know? We approximately do a book a season, but we also make sure that the stories from that book are best in that season of our television show. So sometimes we move those chess pieces around a little bit. There’s a big story from 'Blood of Elves' that we’re gonna do in Season 3 for instance. Or there was a short story that we couldn’t fit in Season 1, so we put it in Season 2. We try to be pretty flexible with that."

'The Witcher' season two is available to watch now on Netflix.