Michael Jordan head bopping in 'The Last Dance' has viewers perplexed online, with fans wondering what the hell he was listening to.

The sport's docuseries follows Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls as they begin their quest to win a sixth NBA title in eight years in 1997. Although the series is feelgood in nature, there are a number of scenes which have a bite to them, as the club realises that this is the final time one of the greatest basketball players of all time will play ball with the legendary team.

'The Last Dance' has been a huge success here in Ireland, and is currently the number-one title that subscribers are viewing this week on the site. The first five episodes were available from April 20, with one episode added weekly. The tenth entry is available on Netflix.

However, there is one scene in particular that fans have been looking for the answer to - what music was Michael Jordan listening to on that bus journey in 1998?

Here are some of the best track suggestions from the Michael Jordan Jamming Out Twitter account.

The Irish national anthem:

This song wasn't released for another nine years, but sure:

Now, this is more like it:

What more can we say?

The most impossible song to not dance to:

Britney Spears' sister makes an appearance:

If it wasn't released in 2006, it would be a high contender for sure:


There's always time for some 'Levels':

Alright, this is it, we've found it: