Whoever you are, and whatever your background, it's always important to widen your scope when it comes to this tiny world of ours.

If you are looking out for some new LGBTQ+ podcast suggestions for Pride month, then we've got some hilarious, wholesome, and altogether eye-opening recommendations that we think you'll love listening to.

Here are seven podcast recommendations for you.

'I'm Grand Mam'

Girlies, we don't know where we'd be without all four of you. Kevin and PJ both hail from Cork but host their weekly podcast from across the water in London. Giving us an insight into their own personal experiences in life, expect to howl in laughter as the guys cover topics such as toxic masculinity, money troubles, their biggest fears, and plenty other necessary and nourishing subjects. If that wasn't enough, their mams feature each week to helm their own "Mam Knows Best" advice corner which is all sorts of wholesome (we're still waiting on that jingle by the way).


Host and standup comic Cameron Esposito welcomes some of the brightest luminaries in the LGBTQ+ family onto her podcast each week. Throughout the vast guests who feature, expect to be blown away by incredible stories surrounding the topics of identity, sexuality, civil rights, and what it means to be queer. Irish musician SOAK was also a guest on the show back in 2019.

'Two Scoops'

Cam and Mr. B host 'Two Scoops', which is a cultural podcast explores the many levels of the black and queer LGBTQ+ experiences in the UK and the US. The charming hosts discuss everything from body positivity, historic events which paved the way for members of the community today, as well as interviewing people from all walks of life.

'Poz Vibe Podcast'

A brand new podcast that is all about getting rid of the stigma attached to those living with HIV in Ireland and around the world. 'Poz Vibe' is hosted by Veda Lady, a well-known Irish drag queen, and Robbie Lawlor, who recently appeared on 'The Tommy Tiernan Show' to discuss being HIV positive in Ireland. Featuring guests such as Ana Matronic and Peppermint, the aim of the podcast is simple - share your unique story and let's keep it positive.

'Dyking Out'

A lesbian and LGBTQ+ podcast aimed at everyone, the series is hosted by two New York City comedians Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali. Rather hilarious while also being very touching in parts, 'Dyking Out' is really all about celebrating and discussing various pop culture happenings, featuring prominent guests from the LGBTQ community.

'Food 4 Thot'

We all need some relationship advice every now and again, but what happens when four queer writers host their own podcast to talk about everything from sex, race, culture, and mental health? Madness. Hosted by the diverse lineup of Dennis Norris II, Joseph Osmundson, Tommy Pico, and Fran Tirado, expect to get the T spilt in regards to all aspects of relationships as they talk openly about their life experiences.

'Shut Up Evan'

Meme queen and celebrator of all of us who are different, Evan Ross Katz hosts a bi-weekly podcast alongside DJ Matt Storm whereby he interviews a celebrity to discuss their early childhood, career, and everything else you should want to know about them. Past appearances on 'Shut Up Evan' include Olivia Wilde, Jake Shears from The Scissor Sisters, Anna Faris, and Rose McGowan. His dream interviewee? Sarah Michelle Gellar.