James Kavanagh is practically a national treasure at this stage, but how good are his podcasting skills? We sampled some episodes from the pod that launched back in March. Here are our thoughts.

Who knew that Kavanagh was such a foodie? The Irish influencer kick started his delicious show back in March and it took all of five minutes for us to be hooked on it. It's the intro song, his rich foodie vocabulary, and his knack for storytelling around his favourite dishes and drinks that make it so damn good.

Kavanagh hosts food based conversations with Irish celebrities about their most memorable meals, the grub that gives them nostalgia or comfort, and of course, the standouts that they ate the week before the podcast.

Among the Irish personalities he's had on the show, comedian Joanne McNally sat down with him to discuss her adoration for cheap wine and crisps.

She prefaces her answers with the fact that she is not a foodie, but rather eats "for survival". On her weekly menu on the road; packed chicken, petrol station sambos, crisps (Quavers), and of course, wine.

But no matter whether guests are talking about big, juicy, Irish sandwiches like the 'I'm Grand Mam' lads Kevin Twomey and PJ Kirby or their favorite seafood restaurant in town and the best region for white wine like 'Red Room' host Jenny Claffey, one thing is always a dead cert: we always have a good skit while listening.

If there's anybody that can inject a bit of craic into simple cherry tomato pasta or "dusty" boiled eggs, it's Mr Kavanagh. We're strong believers in the fact that food is meant to be shared — and not just in the multi-pack of Tayto kind of way, but also in the narrative sense.

Kavanagh's podcast shares food in a new way; we're hearing about it rather than eating it, with gorgeous descriptions of creamy mash and wholesome ramen with pork and chive dumplings. You've heard about eating with your eyes, now get ready for eating with yours ears.

Listen to James Kavanagh's 'What Did You Eat This Week?'.