Ah, goodbyes. They're not the easiest thing in the world, are they? Not for an emotionally unhinged hyena such as myself, at least. Saying farewell to the folk at entertainment.ie is about as blubber-inducing for me as when - spoiler - Marley from 'Marley and Me' went off on his tod to doggy heaven, or when Andy left Woody in 'Toy Story 3' (waaaah). Well, here's hoping I won't look quite as annoying as Kimmy there.

All kidding aside, the time has indeed come for me to move on to pastures new (LovinDublin.com to be specific, because food, food and more food, obviously) and I could not be happier to hand the Senior Editor torch over to the wonderful Mike Sheridan, former editor of JOE.ie. For those of you who might not remember, Mike worked here as Film Editor for 6 great years, charming the pants off the likes of Jessica Biel (he wishes), before moving over to JOE.ie where he and his cracking team transformed the lads' lifestyle publication into a force to be reckoned with on the Irish media landscape. His success there is apparent for all to see and it's with great excitement that we welcome him back to the website that first put his name on the map. A little word of warning though, folks: with Mike at the helm you can expect a little less use of the word 'lol' (I know, devastating) a little more cursing (I blame Sheridan here for my potty Twitter mouth) and a lot less references to how one would give their right arm to make babies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Above all else, what you can look forward to is more brilliantly written, engaging and entertaining content than Miley Cyrus herself could shake a foam finger at.

Personally, I'd like to take this moment (while I still have the power, THE POWER!) to thank Mr Sheridan for initially giving me a chance (back when I was a quivering mess of an intern), for his unyielding encouragement right up to this day, for teaching me all that I've come to learn about the industry and, of course, how to properly make use of a semi-colon. Yer a ledge, Mike.

And, at the risk of veering into 'Halle Berry at the Oscars' territory, I'd like to thank Julian Douglas, MD of entertainment.ie and the nicest boss I've ever had the pleasure of working for, Sheena McGinley, my former editor and constant source of giggles and encouragement, Jess Hickey, Commercial Director and a beacon of positivity, Dave O'Shaughnessy, my hilarious Deputy Editor with whom I've developed a serious appreciation for Beyonce, a bad Eddie Rockets habit and the ability to not care how weird it might look to dance at your desk while mouthing along to One Direction in your ears, among other things, and the rest of the awesome team here at entertainment.ie.

For now, over to you Mike!

For those interested, entertainment.ie sent out this official statement earlier today.

We are delighted to announce that Mike Sheridan will be joining entertainment.ie as Senior Editor starting this week. It's a serious boost for a website that was started 16 years ago and remains an exciting and extremely popular online and mobile publication. The story has an interesting twist as it was with entertainment.ie that Sheridan first learned the online 'ropes'.

Sheridan commented today, "I couldn’t be happier to be joining entertainment.ie as Senior Editor. This fantastic website gave me my start in journalism 8 years ago and I am delighted to be coming back. The level of respect entertainment.ie commands in the industry is truly staggering. It's a brand I have always been proud to be associated with and I'm even prouder to be going back to lead it. "
Managing Director Julian Douglas said, "I have enormous respect for what Mike has done with his career. Not only is he a great journalist, he has done exceptional work for charity and is a star in his own right - he brings a lot of kudos with him. It is a super day for entertainment.ie".

Sheridan takes over the editorial helm from Caroline Foran. Managing Director Julian Douglas said, "I wish Caroline all the best. Her enthusiasm and drive has been infectious for the whole team and she will only now go on to do bigger things."

For any further information please contact: [email protected]