You know what it's like when your small, peaceful village is suddenly flooded with hundreds of swingers...

The town of Flaxley in Gloucestershire hit the headlines this past weekend as the unusual festival known as Swingfields descended on their humble hamlet, bringing with it hundreds of people who were not there to see the picturesque countryside. 

Swingfields is a festival aimed at swingers, who could camp or stay in a camper van for the duration of their stay at the event. It featured live music, stalls selling adult toys, workshops, as well as themed zones where you could take a dip in a hot tub or chill out in a sauna.

From midday on Thursday, those attending Swingfields began to arrive in the town at the designated site, which had been kept secret in order to ensure that it remained "discreet and secure". From that point on, it seems that the three days of musical acts (and the rest) was not a hit with the locals, many of whom were complaining about noise levels. One villager said "It's the noise which has just been intolerable. It has been 48 hours of hell. I have had just four hours of sleep since Thursday". We're presuming that the

However, there were more serious problems too, as at least one person had to call the police after revelers entered their property: "we returned home from an evening bike ride on Friday night to discover an intruder in our garden trying to break into the festival. I was absolutely terrified. We didn’t know who he was or what he wanted so I called 999."

The festival organisers seem to be pretty happy with the event however, as they're already preparing for the 2016 version, which will probably not take place in Flaxley, we guess.

On a related note, we have one piece of advice for you: don't type 'swingfileds' into Twitter or Google image search, you will regret it.