If you haven't seen the 'Sex and the City' reboot 'And just like that..' then consider yourself warned, spoilers are present below.

In a shocking scene within the series, Carrie Bradshaw's partner, Big (Chris Noth), suffers a fatal heart attack after a particularly gruelling session on the popular exercise bike.

Carrie comes home to find John slumped in the bathroom. She then proceeds to not call emergency services right away while he dies in her arms. Probably not the best first reactor portrayal on screen to be honest.

Peloton came away from the episode looking pretty bad. It's hard to see how they gave the green light for their product to be used in a scene like that.

However, they were quick to make amends, hiring Noth and Ryan Reynold's marketing agency to come up with a reaction ad.

In the ad, Noth plays Big who's in good health. He shares the couch with the infamous instructor from 'And Just Like That...' Allegra, who he had a crush on. Ryan Reynolds' disembodied voice is heard stressing the health benefits of cycling.

It's polished and fast enough out of the gates to think that maybe Peloton had a feeling this was coming and it was the plan all along. However, CNBC reported news of their shares dipping last week, which may say otherwise. All publicity is good publicity, right? I'm sure we'll find out in time.