It's amazing where you pick up random bits of information.

Brandon Williams, a 13-year old from New York, managed to save his classmate, Jessica Pellegrino, from choking on a piece of apple during lunch. The girl, who called out for help when she got into trouble, was saved by the quick thinking of Brandon.

Brandon, who has autism, managed to perform the Heimlich on Jessica and save her life, but when asked where he learned how to do that, Brandon had an odd answer.

"Learned it on Spongebob," Brandon replied.

As Brandon's father explains, the teenager takes in memories and experiences "like a sponge", so he obviously had the ability to do it and just got into action.

As for his classmates, they threw him a party to celebrate his heroic act - with Spongebob Squarepants, we're guessing.


Via NBCNewYork