If you're Ben Affleck, you hardly need money? You're going to be Batman, for feck sake. Those multi-million dollar deals that actors sign on for roles pretty much guarantees they're going to have a few bob in their pocket for the rest of their lives, provided they don't go all crazy with it. Nevertheless, Batfleck found himself in Las Vegas with actress wife Jennifer Garner earlier this week and decided to play a little Blackjack to pass the time.

It's been reported in the past that Affleck has won upwards of $80,000 in a single game of Blackjack and he was a regular sight at international poker tournaments. But how does he do it? Card counting. Don't know what that is? Same here. We're under the impression that it's some kind of mathematical-memory thing that casinos don't like. We're basing this on that film 21 with Kevin Spacey and your man from Across The Universe.

Anyway, Batfleck has reportedly been banned for life from playing blacjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas after he was approached by security on suspicion that he was counting cards. Affleck was then told that he could play any other game at the casino, just not blackjack.

We're thinking it's because he's actually Batman and they don't want him freaking out breaking people's faces if he loses.

via thr.com